Paul Knittel

New blog setup

Feb 2014

My existing blog was setup on Tumblr, which I found great to post code snippets but annoying for longer blog post. There is currently no way to upload an image directly into a post - instead you need to upload the image to a 3rd party service and then integrate pictures via html.

Luckily I came accross this awesome site made by Robb Schiller, which happens to be open source and free to use. I really like what he has done with combining jekyll (hosted through github pages) and tumblr. The note section powered by Tumblr is a great way to share ideas which are too big to Tweet, but too small for a proper blog post.

My portfolio is powered by Behance Prosite. Now I only need to update my work on Behance and everything else happens automatically.

I am really enjoing this setup. Only took about 4 hours to setup and does exactly what I want. In the future I might host everything through github pages and pull Behance and Tumblr content in through their respective APIs. That would make it a little easier to update the styling across all platforms, but too much work for now. Let’s see how we go. Hope you like it.