Create simple radio buttons with images using jQuery without the sweat

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Welcome to radioimg.js

This is one of the easiest way to create radio buttons using images.

Basic example without any data


To add some data

        data: [ 
          {data: "A5", img: ""},
          {data: "A4", img: ""},
          {data: "A3", img: ""}

Setup trigger event to detect changes

$('.test').on('change', function(event, val){

Other options available - defaults shown

    name: "radioimg",
    selectedClass: "radioimg-selected", // Important to setup styling
    class: "radioimg",
    debug: false, // Set to true to show radio buttons
    color: "black",
    initial: "not set", // Choose which value should be selected on creation
    data: [{data: "1", img: ""}, {data: "2", img: ""}]

Sample styling

.radioimg {
    border: 3px solid transparent;

.radioimg-selected {
    border: 3px solid red;

.radioimg:hover {
    border: 3px dotted rgba(121,121,121, 0.5);